Fast and Furious 6 is here! #Fast6

Vehicular warfare is back…

Just like the series of never ending ‘Call of Duty’ Modern Warfare (Video Game) the sixth installment of Fast and Furious is back…
As clearly seen in the trailer ‘Letty’ aka ‘Michelle Rodriguez’ is back….

Vin and Michelle

Letty was portrayed dead in Fast & Furious. The fourth installment of the series, personally I am looking forward to hear about her. And also I am waiting for ‘Dom’ and his muscle cars back in action. This guy is promoting Fast6 like anything else. Especially you can catch him promoting the same on his Facebook updates which gets million likes every time he puts in a post.

‘Dominic’ aka ‘Vin Diesel’ is on a way up to be a legend now. Almost everyone have started looking at him as an idol. He got great acting skills, intense face and great sense of humor. All I can say is that Fast6 is going to be mix of everything in him. Vin is more known as Dom than any other of his character. Wish him all the best for Fast6.

The trailer seems promising, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ aka ‘Luke’ has reached for help from ‘Dom’ to stop some mastermind criminal who use fast vehicle as weapons. Rock‘Dom’ calls up the group/team again and they have made it large. Finally ‘Dom’ gets shocked after seeing ‘Letty’ alive. Wow now that’s suspence….

‘Paul Walker’ aka ‘Brian’ was the lead in the first movie of the series but Vin took away all the attention in all others.Vin and Paul Still there is no Fast and Furious without ‘Dom-Vin’ and ‘Brian-Paul’ together.
‘Sung Kang’ aka ‘Han’ has no doubt made a solid place for himself in the series… He is my fav. HanI wonder the Tokyo Drift director must have admitted the mistake of showing Han death in the movie. I am sure now they regret on same as he has gained popularity, it’s difficult to link both the movies as well or maybe… in coming future. At the end of Tokyo Drift, Dom is seen racing the main racer ‘Sean’ aka ‘Lucas Black’ I wonder when we going to see the next part of Tokyo Drift.

Finally the movie (Fast6) looks promising, stunts are new and the directed wonderfully. Music is always the best part of these movies and rests all we’ll see.timelineSo looking forward to Fast6 2013 in coming days written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin, fingers crossed. As always I m gonna catch it ‘First Day Last Show’

One important News that will give you goose bumps: The seventh part of the movie ‘Fast and Furious 7’ may have ‘Vin Diesel and …………………”Jason Satham” 
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Ankit Malik
Catch me on twitter: @aki_malik

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5 thoughts on “Fast and Furious 6 is here! #Fast6

  1. Excellente! simple yet apt review.

    nothing more need to be said as everything about FnF series is dynamic and visual. Letty is a big surprise and Han’s my fav too :)

    But the legacy of FnF brand remains with the Boss: Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto.big fan is a small word as even i am amongst those million idols of his.

  2. The description of the star cast in your piece makes u wanna watch the F&F series.
    Will be watching this one specially for Vin Diesel.

  3. Seems like a big F&F fan…. love the way you posted every detail on the movie, and no doubt VinD is the best. Thumbs up for you buddy!

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